Thursday, 8 July 2010

A day in the life of Joy Alexander

Well it’s 7am Saturday morning, the day of the NI & Ulster Senior Champs and Commonwealth Trials. At least the sun is shinning and no rain is forecast. Better hurry up and get to the track for the first event – the hammer at 9.30am. Arrive at the track at 8.30am to find the forum staff busying around – is there a steeplechase I hear them shouting over – need to get the water switched on. You’re ok I steeplechase today!

Off to the store to get the registration tables set up with a lot of help from my friend Lawson and the hardworking Jenni. What a week Jenni and I put in, checking entries, changing timetables, trying to keep everyone happy and on board. That’s the bit nobody sees or fully appreciates! And we do this for fun/relaxation – I keep reminding myself. Let’s hope all goes well today!

Someone’s here with a hammer to check in – I hear someone shout. Give me a minute I’ll be over! Hammer is ready to go and officials are at the cage!

Next job is to decide on call room location and to get it ready. Oh I see Pam arrive with Chris Cohn, the UKA National Technical Delegate, who has come to report on the Championships. Poor Chris straight into giving us a hand getting things ready- he’s just flown in from the Diamond League meeting in Rome – bet he didn’t have to haul pole vault mats or hurdles around there! As ever it is all hands on deck.

11oc’clock all seems to be going ok- think I’ll grab a quick cup of coffee. Trying to keep an eye on field events and getting the track ready for the off. Joy – where is this, where is that, who’s doing this –questions/ queries - just a normal day in the life of a meeting manager!!

What a great bunch of officials we have – I keep pushing for us to try and keep to time – they never complain, just keep going from event to event. We are really lucky – just a pity we couldn’t get a few more to help!! It really is good fun!

Call room – a new venture this year – seems to be going ok. A few teething problems but we do have to keep trying to move our champs on each year. Kate and Eric are doing a wonderful job.

1.00pm – bit behind on time now – hopefully will catch up – I know extra time was left middle of afternoon. Mens 100m what a run by Jason Smyth – these are the times which make it all worth while! Nearing the end of the day back on time all seems to be going ok, some positive comments from a few folk – always much appreciated.

5.30pm Phew – all done – absolutely exhausted! Must put a pedometer on some day must have walked miles! Heading home now at nearly 6pm – don’t work as long hours in my “real job”. Looking forward to a Chinese with some of the officials and then we’ve got it all to do again next weekend with the age groups! But sure we love it really!!!

Joy Alexander

Joy Alexander is one of the most tireless officials in the country. As well as chairing the Athletics NI Track and Field Committee until recently, she is present almost without fail at every meet in NI throughout the track and field season.Her roles at these events include level 5 field official at many events as Meeting Director –not only accomplishing her field duties but also dealing with numerous queries and problems in the most professional way. She was a worthy recipient of the Official of the Year award.

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